Mighty Tully River – real life swift water rescue conditions

Rescue Training Group, located in Far North Queensland, is fortunate to be able to run Swiftwater Rescue Operator (SR) courses on the Tully River.

A wet tropic location, the Tully River has guaranteed water conditions for most of the year. On the Tully River, SRO participants will learn all about swiftwater characteristics and the specialist skills required to work in this environment. Our next course is scheduled over 4 days running from 9th to 12th April. If you are working in or around water courses anywhere in the country, then this course will give you invaluable skills for the one day where you might find yourself in the situation where you may need to rescue yourself or assist others. Our trainer is a Swiftwater Rescue Specialist with Fire and Rescue Services, Queensland with over 20 years experience in the Rafting industry and a diploma in Hydrology. Book your place in this course now. Email: info@rescuetraininggroup.com.au

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